Why Property?

An investment portfolio should contain a mixture of investments ranging from shares through to bricks and mortar investments (houses, apartments, commercial buildings, etc).

By having a mixture of investments, you will have shares that can provide reasonable returns in the short term and can be easily traded for cash, whilst also having property that is going to provide a steady growth and return from the moment that you are handed the keys.

With the leverage you have from your first investment property, you can then use that to expand your portfolio even further. With most properties increasing in value at a very rapid rate and there being a shortage of rental properties, now is a great time to take those first steps in creating your long term financial security.

The BIG QUESTION is, why purchase your investment property through Hawkscrest Property Group?

If this is your first time in purchasing an investment property, we are here to help as we believe it is important that you are educated on how investing in property works. We are not going to give you the “hard sell” and tell you that you have to purchase NOW! Instead, we believe it is important to sit down with you first to find out what your goals are financially, where you are at now and if you are ready to take the next step to investment property ownership.

If you are not in a financial position to move forward at this time, our experienced consultants will be able to sit down with you and plan on how and what needs to be done to get you into your first investment property.

Dealing directly with Hawkscrest Property ensures that you are getting the best value for money investment packages around with no extras to be added or silly gimmicks. Call us now on 1300 429 539 to arrange a time to speak one on one with one of our consultants or to book yourself into one of our investment educational seminars.