Referral Only

At Hawkscrest most of our business is referral only which means our clients are introduced to us via the following methods;

  • family member,
  • a friend,
  • fluke meeting with one of our raving clients,
  • business colleague or associate,
  • professional provider such as your accountant, finance broker or solicitor.

When you come across or think of someone who needs our help or assistance, our referral policy is outlined below;

  • All potential clients referred to us are treated on a no-obligation basis. We are delighted to meet with any referrals you make and we will let them know whether we can help them or not.
  • We adhere to and are bound by a strict confidentiality and Privacy Policy with all existing and referred clients and will not discuss any client situation with any other client. We guarantee your information is safe with us.

Referring someone to Hawkscrest is typically done with a brief introduction (phone call, email, seminar invitation or face to face discussion) so that the introduced person expects contact from us.