Our Process

We have developed the following process to assist us in helping work out how we can work together with you.

When you choose us as your property investment partner, Hawkscrest Property will:

  • Conduct a detailed interview to establish your investment needs, goals and objectives
  • Review your current financial situation
  • Discuss the different types of purchasing structures
  • Identify the best properties available that precisely meet your requirements
  • Match properties which have passed the Hawkscrest Selection Criteria (link to this section) test to your budget
  • Provide a personalised Hawkscrest Property Investment Analysis report
  • Arrange a check of legal documents
  • Co-ordinate and monitor all settlement and post purchase transactions for you
  • Provide you with regular updates throughout the entire process
  • Arrange an independent building inspection
  • Arrange a tax depreciation schedule to maximize your deductible expenses
  • Discuss how to mitigate your risks when investing in property
  • Discuss the importance of estate and succession planning

Contact you periodically and provide an annual review of your portfolio.